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Driving Engagement on Facebook

Driving Engagement on Facebook

Paid ads are not the only way Facebook can drive engagement and improve awareness.  We at B Digital can advise you the other ways to drive engagement besides paid ads.  Plus, when you drive engagement organically, you get the better results from your boosted ads.

Developing a loyal following of users who are active on your social media sites not only increases the chances of purchase conversions but also brings others into the mix, creating an ever-widening circle of influence.

Here are just a few ways of directing your Facebook marketing strategy to promote engagement .


The Facebook Insights tool allows you to learn more about your users and figure out exactly which content appeals to which segments of your audience.  We can show you how to use this tool to learn more about your target segments and provide them the most relevant content.

Ask and Answer

People love to share what they know. Your social media engagement really takes off when you are able to inspire discussion and debate, plus have it take place in your space. Asking questions is a great place to start as it entices people to offer their opinions, which then leads to agreement or debate and, therefore, further activity.

Promptly and thoroughly answering any questions posed by users is crucial too.

People don’t just want to listen; they also want to contribute and be heard.

 Interactive Content

Along the same lines, focusing on content that promotes further action increases the likelihood of a user getting involved in your online community. Popular tools include:

  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Contests


Videos can increase  engagement and boost your social media audience. Whether the videos are informative, entertaining or even promotional, videos often reach new consumers, those looking for more visual than written content.

Final Word

Having a lot of followers is one thing, but having those followers actively engaging on your pages can increase your reach exponentially. Every like, comment or share expands your network and makes it more likely your product ends up in front of a member of your target audience. Keeping your site current, interesting, and unique will ensure you get the most out of your following.

Drop us a line sometime and we’ll be happy to show you how we at B Digital can help you drive engagement and get the best “bang for your buck!”