July 2, 2019 Tim Swift

Seeing the World From a Different Perspective

I find it interesting to see how people different than I am view the world.  Understanding different perspectives I think, is something that one appreciates more as they get older.

Anyone who can draw this picture, using only a single pencil, for example, has a different way of looking at the world than I do.

Volkswagen in village

I find it interesting that the artist here is one of the oldest digital marketing people in the entire world, my partner, Wayne Olewagon.  I was aware that “Mr. Wayne” (his name in the office)  had a different perspective than mine when we established B Digital.  But, until I saw this picture, I was not aware how different!

Here is another picture by “Mr. Wayne”.Mr Wayne

I also find it interesting that Mr. Wayne’s expertise in digital marketing seems to spring more from his artistic background, rather than from his background in marketing and advertising.

Woman on a bike in a city

This I guess, explains why Mr. Wayne is such a pain in the butt when it comes to making sure all the graphics in our social media campaigns always have to be perfect, no matter how long it takes!